2016 VTNHSRC Elections!

Hello all,

Hope everyone has had a wonderful holiday!

It is the pleasure of the VTNHSRC Board of Directors to welcome Anne Nadeau as Secretary-Elect and Dr. Jim Maguire as Director-at-Large-Elect. Anne and Dr. Maguire will both serve a two year term beginning January 2017. 

During the voting period, you were asked to approve our rewritten bylaws which are designed to be more inclusive with additional board members at large and a few positions to be appointed by the President.  I am happy to say that these rewritten bylaws were passed by the membership and will take effect January 2017.

In regards to President-Elect we had a tie between Megan Marquissee and Jill Hanson. Per the bylaws of the VTNHSRC when a tie occurs a run off election must be held.  Therefore, I ask you to take the time and participate in our run off election for President-Elect.

Click here for run off election ballot

This link is also be on our Facebook page. If you placed your vote on 12/27/2016 before 1155, you must recast your vote due to an error on the ballot. Sorry for this inconvenience. 

The run off election will be held from December 27th, 2016 – January 3rd, 2017The ballot will close on the 30th at 1159PM.

Thank you for taking the time to participate in this years elections and the run off election.